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CBD is the "Fastest Growing" Remedy for Dogs? Learn why...

You’ve heard about CBD oil for dogs...Keep reading to learn why thousands of owners have already started giving it to them on a daily basis.

Millions of pet owners across the country are turning to CBD to help their dogs with separation anxiety, inflammation, pain, allergies and arthritis! Here's why...

Today, it is the fastest-growing alternative health trend in veterinary medicine.

Here's the Deal: Many dog owners are still unsure how CBD works, they want to know the pros & cons. We totally get it! That's why we wrote this easy to follow article to educate you on what CBD can do for your fury friend. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many powerful chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. Hemp-derived CBD is legal in the US and is known to have tremendous benefits for dogs.

It has gained so much popularity among pet owners, as they want to help their dog feel calmer, more active, and relieved from discomfort.

How does it help my dog?

It interacts with your dog's internal /// system which allows them tooo........

Is CBD Safe for My Dog? (Will it get them high?)

Yes, it's totally safe! And NO - It's non-psychoactive which means it will NOT get your dog or cat high. They won't start tripping out lol. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant is perfectly safe as it contains less than 0.3% THC. It is a natural, holistic remedy which is good for your dog - unlike prescription medications, that can lead to other health issues over time. 

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Dosage vs Weight

The general guideline of CBD dosing ranges from 1-5 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. But don't worry...most companies keep it real simple by showing you the amount of drops your dog needs based on their weight.

Rest assured, your dog cannot overdose on CBD. So start with a low dose and gradually increase to fit your pets needs. It can be given orally or in their food.

NOT All CBD Products are Equal...Quality Matters!

First off, choosing a trusted brand that offers a high quality oil is imperative.

So, how do you differentiate the best CBD oil from the ones that have taken shortcuts? Here's a few things to consider when selecting a reliable CBD product:

  • Full Spectrum - Always pick a full-spectrum CBD oil (made with CO2 extraction). Broad-spectrum CBD oil, isolates, and hemp seed oil are healthy. Still, the full-spectrum hemp oil has cannabinoids and additional health-boosting compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, and omega fatty acids.
  • 100% Organic & GMO Free - The CBD you buy should be 100% natural and USDA organic, free from GMO ingredients, fillers, and allergens.
  • 5 Star Reviews & Reputation - Choose a brand that you are confident in – with 5-star reviews and a money-back guarantee policy.
  • Lab Tested - we recommend only buying CBD that has been lab-tested by a third party to ensure quality and safety. The best brands will always Lab Test their products!
  • Made in the USA - this goes without saying, but be sure to choose a brand who's oil is produced here in the States.

Where can I get CBD for My Dog? (some cool FREE options...)

There's a bunch of pet brands out there that offer pet CBD, of course some are better quality than others. Local pet stores are starting to carry CBD, but obviously you'll pay a much higher price compared to online. 

We've reviewed many of them and have spotted some really great promotions in the marketplace right now too. 

So get this!...some popular brands are giving away a FREE bottle of CBD as a token gesture to allow customers to try it on their pet - they're so confident in the benefits & results that they're literally giving it away under the "try it for yourself" promotion. That's pretty cool, as it gives dog owners a risk free opportunity to see it for themselves! 

Anyways, for further details on pet-friendly CBD products I have added a Learn More button below...


UPDATE: We hope the information in this article helps you to make an easy decision when buying some CBD for your dog!